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The new culture portal of Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandradio and the nine ARD state broadcasters is launched today at the URL The new online offer is initially still in the beta phase and needs to be expanded both in terms of content and functionality.

Techno Ard Kultur

More visibility for cultural offerings

ARD Kultur is being set up under the leadership of the MDR program directorate in Halle. The new portal, which will also collaborate with ZDF, is in principle a joint project of all broadcasters.

The self-imposed goal of the new portal is to bring the diverse cultural offerings of the numerous media and audio libraries “bundled and audience-friendly” to help them gain more visibility. The more demanding content between the shows and series of the ÖR media libraries is often lost.

ARD Kultur formulates a relatively broad concept of culture that appeals not only to classical music fans and serial readers, but also to hip-hop fans and graphic novel nerds.

Trailer: This is the ARD culture

Own production and collection portal

In addition, ARD Kultur will not only bundle existing content, but will also develop its own content, thus counteracting the criticism that public broadcasters focus almost exclusively on Saturday evening shows, talk shows and thrillers.

ARD Kultur starts today with several in-house and co-productions, including the true crime podcast Melody of Crime, the mockumentary comedy series Scene Report, the digital format Pixelparty, the role-playing game Last Beute” and the five-part documentary “Name my DJ!” about female DJs.

ARD invites all visitors by email for feedback and suggestions for improving the new portal [email protected] to send in.

Video: Interview with those responsible

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