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Online retailer Amazon has started selling its new Alexa voice remote control Pro. Delivery from tomorrow, the new Alexa voice remote offers several additional functions not available on the regular model of 29 euros at an additional cost of 10 euros.

Light, Finder and Routines

The most important feature is probably the backlight, which is activated automatically during use and thus allows easy use of the remote control, even in the pitch-dark living room.

Also new are the additional buttons 1 and 2, on which any Alexa routine can be placed and executed at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the customizable buttons can also be assigned to an application or a simple Alexa voice command. Amazon itself describes the configuration in this help section.

Alexa Remote Pro search

Another unique selling point of the new Alexa voice remote control Pro is the Remote Finder, which can help locate a lost remote control and sound an alarm on command so that the remote can be found even if it is behind the sofa or under the bank has said goodbye.

10 euros extra

When the connected Fire TV device is active, users can say “Find my remote” to all Echo and Alexa devices in the home and make the remote ring. There are also additional buttons for switching through live TV channels and there’s also a headphone button for establishing Bluetooth connections.

Alexa Remote Pro specs

Amazon offers the regular Alexa Voice Remote for $29.99, and the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro retails for $39.99. It is compatible with all Fire TV devices except Fire TV (1st and 2nd generation) and Fire TV Stick (1st generation).

product notice

Introducing Alexa Voice Remote Pro, featuring Remote Finder, TV controls and button lights, requires… 39.99 EUR

product notice

Alexa Voice Remote (3rd generation) for Fire TV, with TV control buttons | Compatible Fire TV device required |… 29.99 EUR

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