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The supplier ECOVACS, best known for its vacuum cleaner robots, seems to be wondering which household appliances could still benefit from the technological progress that has mainly reached the vacuum cleaner category in recent years.

1499 euros, without suction function

The answer to this question is the name Airbot Z1, which is reminiscent of a classic chimney or ash vacuum cleaner and combines the navigation capabilities of today’s vacuum cleaner robots with an air filter system that is usually built into stationary air purifiers.

What should be emphasized here: Despite its enormous selling price of 1499 euros, the Airbot Z1 cannot vacuum. Rather, the moving cylinder focuses almost exclusively on air purification and tries to upgrade it with a few extra gimmicks such as an integrated camera with AI functions, two 7-watt stereo speakers and a video telephony function.

Air bot air filter

The Airbot Z1 is equipped with an air quality sensor, but can also respond to sensor satellites in other rooms, measuring humidity, concentration of particulate matter and temperature to immediately start cleaning the air if the quality values ​​are poor.

Humidifiers and air fresheners cost extra

This goes through classic filters, but is also sterilized by UV light and if necessary humidified and rinsed by an air freshener, which enriches the room air with an extra fragrance. But beware: humidifiers and air fresheners cost extra

The Airbot Z1, which adopted the YIKO voice control, the real mapping and the creation of intelligent 3D maps directly from the vacuum robots of the same manufacturer, is a curious product and can at best avoid the multiple purchase of stationary air purifiers. Whether this is worth 1499 euros, you have to judge for yourself. Then Amazon has the sample in stock immediately.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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