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At irregular intervals, but always for the weekend, Amazon’s video department offers 99 cents of movie rentals for Prime members. Users with a current Prime membership then have the option to watch numerous videos at a bargain price.

Today it’s that time again – this time the highlight “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is also available in German and in the original English version in the selection you can see here. The top-rated title this week, alongside Psycho and Das Ding, with an IMDb score of 8.1, didn’t hit theaters until March.

The feature film by the Russo brothers (including “The Gray Man”, “Extraction” and “Avengers”) is sympathetic, surreal, chaotic and definitely worth watching. The series portal Trakt probably gives the most compact short description of the film:

An aging Chinese immigrant is dragged into a frenzied adventure where only she can save what’s important to her by connecting with the lives she could have lived in other universes.

200 Halloween Movie Rentals

In addition to “Everything All at Once,” a total of 200 movies are participating in the Prime campaign, which are clickable over the weekend as 99-cent movie rentals.

The videos for a bargain price can also be “pre-ordered”. As usual, the action only runs for the current weekend, but you have 30 days after the click to watch the 99-cent movie rentals. However, once you have started playing the movie, it must be completed within 48 hours.

Leihfilme 99 1400

In this overview you can see all the films mentioned. The Birds, American Psycho and Us, among others, are also available. Overall, the lineup this weekend is relatively bloodthirsty. Looking at the calendar, Amazon seems to want to offer spooky Halloween entertainment here. We wish you lots of fun.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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