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The latest updates from Apple for the Mac and iOS devices obviously cause problems in interacting with Microsoft Exchange. Numerous users report synchronization errors with calendar items and related to the use of Exchange email accounts.

In addition to the bug reports we received via email, there are now numerous comments about it in Apple’s official support forums. User reports indicate that Apple customer service wants to pass the issue on to Microsoft, but affected users complain that the restrictions have only been in place since the last updates to macOS and iOS and everything worked reliably before that.

Microsoft Exchange Calendar

Restarting sync can help

The letters we have received from readers also describe the existence of the problem on both the Mac and iOS devices. The lack of syncing of appointments with the iCloud calendar also means that the appointments won’t appear in third-party applications like BusyCal or Fantastical that have access to the Apple calendar. Only Outlook then shows the full appointments on the Mac. The whole thing is similar in the iPhone and iPad calendar apps. In addition, the synchronization with the Exchange mail accounts sometimes failed completely or only worked with a long delay.

Nothing has been heard from the official side about this. Several suggestions for – mostly temporary – troubleshooting are passed on to users, including the suggestion to completely delete the accounts on the affected devices and set up the Exchange connection from scratch.

Affected Mac users should at least try a user’s suggestion from the Apple support forums. He reports that it was enough for him to end the exchangesyncd process via the Activity Monitor app that comes standard with macOS to restart the sync.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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