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Even after several months of public beta testing, macOS Ventura is certainly not flawless. It is especially annoying that some users are also faced with issues reported at the beginning of the testing phase.

Notification center makes bitches

Right after the start of the macOS Ventura beta testing, most of the users faced huge issues related to the notification center. Apple has been able to fix some bugs here, but the notification center and its push notification delivery on the Mac don’t seem to work to this day. For example, the push notifications for individual users are not displayed in the foreground, the notification center crashes and widgets cannot be edited.

Windows moves after hibernation

A known bug from previous system versions lives on under macOS Ventura. So the Mac issue where application windows appear smaller and scroll down after Mac wakes up still occurs even in the latest version of Apple OS. This is an issue related to external displays on Mac desktops and notebooks.

External screens are not recognized

When it comes to external screens, there seem to be a number of other serious issues. Especially when it comes to third-party monitors, they are sometimes not recognized at all or not correctly.

If you have multiple monitors connected to the Mac, you are apparently not spared from problems, not even related to Apple screens. jojo Reviews reader Stephan writes that an Apple Thunderbolt Display from 2017 is no longer recognized as a second screen on his MacBook Pro 13-inch. If instead he connects the Thunderbolt display first and then the Apple Studio display, which is normally used as the primary monitor, the screen on all displays, including the MacBook display, will be shattered. Apple support has not been able to find a solution either.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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