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In July we wrote down our experiences with the balcony power stations, which were built and purchased as quickly as possible. Roughly speaking, the idea of ​​the balcony power plant can be summarized as follows: Solar panels and inverters are purchased as a package with power values ​​of around 600 watts and installed on one’s own balcony.

Solar beam

The electricity yield, which is “harvested” here every day in good weather, is then fed directly into the balcony socket and ensures that you have to purchase less electricity from your own electricity supplier for the daily base load.

This can partly be covered directly by the self-produced solar power. Assuming the sun is shining outside, a balcony power station can easily take care of the television’s standby mode, the lights switched on and also the operation of the refrigerator – all without having to buy extra electricity during the hours when the sun is shining. appears.

With power data of up to 600 watts, the balcony power stations are license-free. Installation is also child’s play – if you choose an inverter with WLAN integration, you can also check how much power has been harvested on a daily basis.

Solarman Web scaled

All-in-one balcony power plants with inverters and the permitted 600 watts cost around 1000 euros at online retailers and sales portals such as Ebay. About half of this can now be subsidized by balcony plant operators in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

10 million euros financing, 500 euros per system

The state has provided 10 million euros in funding for the construction of balcony power stations and since last week has been supporting citizens in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in commissioning plug-in photovoltaic balcony systems.

You can apply for a subsidy of 500 euros per system. You can apply for financing after purchase and installation. Purchase date must be after November 7, 2022. A FAQ about the funding program can be viewed here.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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