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Mac users who already use current computers with Apple’s M1 or M2 processors can download the official ARD media library application from the App Store, install it on their Mac and use the native access to the live streams, media library Content and program search without having to use a browser.

Video window of the ARD media library on the Mac

Thanks to the picture-in-picture function implemented by ARD, the ARD application can also be easily used as a streaming app that provides a free-floating video window for free placement. A very nice offer.

Anyone who would like to do something similar with the ZDFmediathek, which also offers an application optimized for iPhone and iPad, will be looking down the tube. ZDF has actively decided not to release the ZDFmediathek for installation on the Mac, thus ensuring that the app does not even appear in the Mac App Store.

Ard media library 1400

The ARD media library on the Mac

Download from the App Store

‎ARD Media Library
‎ARD Media Library
Developer: ARD Online

Price: Free

ZDF refers to PWA offer

We asked those responsible why ZDF prevents the installation of the official media library application on the Mac.

The answer was soon to come and straight to the point: Since the media library app is in many ways not optimized for use on the Mac, ZDF lists the user guidance, concept and required resolution, among other things. not guarantee an optimal user experience and instead decided to offer a better alternative.

Zdf Pwa 1400

The ZDFmediathek as a progressive web app

Recommended to use Chrome

Mac users can install the ZDFmediathek on their machines as a so-called “Progressive Web App” (PWA). The web application can also be “installed” on the Mac by calling up the website and then offers a range of functions similar to the mobile applications. Includes watchlists, further viewing and user accounts.

A ZDF spokesperson also explained to jojo Reviews:

[…] It is also possible to view previously downloaded content in the PWA offline. ZDF recommends Mac users to “install” via Chrome browser, as Safari browser does not sufficiently support PWA functions.

Download from the App Store

‎ZDF media library
‎ZDF media library
Developer: ZDF

Price: Free

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Written by Kim Anderson

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