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They are called Getir, Gorillas or Flink and they really took off during the peak of the pandemic. Grocery delivery services that, unlike Wolt and Lieferando, do not cycle through the city for restaurant orders, but specialize in supermarket purchases with their own warehouses.

Small purchases from the “Dark Store”

The so-called “dark stores” offer a selection of frequently ordered supermarket products at dynamic prices, which are often delivered to the doorstep within minutes of placing an order, especially in metropolitan regions.

A very handy way for consumers to quickly obtain pasta, fresh sandwiches or cat litter, but for employees on the bike it is a tough job with often precarious work.

Aside from the fact that the market is constantly changing and competitors like Foodpanda and Deliveroo (along with their underpaid jobs) are disappearing as quickly as they appeared, food delivery services lack solid employee structures.

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Active against works councils

Anyone driving for Rewe’s delivery service can look forward to a works council that has existed for years, while Lieferando, on the other hand, would have systematically prevented the establishment of works councils in his own company.

Lieferando has been operating its own dark store in Berlin under the name Lieferando Express since August and is exploring access to food delivery. If it is up to the Food, Enjoy and Restaurants Union (NGG), this must be done with a good collective labor agreement.

RBB: Battle of the delivery companies

The NGG is currently preparing collective labor agreement negotiations with Lieferando, but suspects active sabotage of the Netherlands-based food delivery service “Just Eat Takeaway” to which the German brand Lieferando belongs.

As the NGG reported on the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg evening show, the company is trying to categorize employees such as drivers and office workers to avoid strong works councils.

Martin Küper’s embedded RBB contribution summarizes the current status well.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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