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What many users don’t realize is that if PDF documents need editing, professional applications like Adobe Acrobat or Readdle’s PDF Expert come in handy, but not without alternatives.

LibreOffice 1400

In addition to Apple’s preview application, which comes pre-installed on every Mac and can help with basic PDF document interventions, the open-source office software suite LibreOffice is also available as a completely free solution.

Drag and drop on the dock

After launching the open source project, the PDF documents to be edited can simply be dragged and dropped onto the LibreOffice icon in the Dock and then open the LibreOffice Draw component responsible for drawings, which as a vector editor is actually responsible for drawing create or edit sketches, infrastructure plans, or Visio projects

Mouse cursor pdf libreoffice
However, LibreOffice Draw also has a handful of fairly useful tools for editing PDF documents and, at best, can make exactly the changes you have in mind.

Images and text areas can be moved, formatted, and deleted, and pure text can be edited quite frequently.

Libre Office PDF

LibreOffice can’t always handle different fonts without problems, it messes up document formatting here and there, and doesn’t always recognize all components of the open PDF – but when it comes to simply structured files, the free software cuts a good figure quickly. swap an image or correct a typo and even offers the export of open PDF documents to ODF drawings, HTML documents and numerous image formats.

Just give LibreOffice a shot with the following PDF and get to know the capabilities of the freeware.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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