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During yesterday’s session of the Bundestag, the trade union faction submitted an application aimed at speeding up the digitization of the administration and therefore bears the title “More speed in the digital administration”.

In its three-page paper (PDF download: papers 20/4313), the parliamentary group CDU/CSU refers to the Online Access Act and formulates a number of requirements that must ensure that administrative digitization proceeds quickly and predictably.

Legal claim until early 2025

The position paper, which was debated at first reading yesterday, stipulates that a legal right must be introduced for citizens at the beginning of 2025 to enable them to claim the administrative services formulated in the Online Access Act.

The motion, which was passed to the Bundestag’s interior committee after yesterday’s debate, offers plenty of room for party political criticism – the CDU, as is known, had 16 years to digitize the entire country – but could also be approved. get from the government parties, who have written the administration digitization in their specifications with a thick pencil.

After all, at the center of the MPs

The speeches on the agenda item can be viewed on this session page of the Bundestag and at least show interested observers that digitization is being actively debated – the gap that Germany must mark here vis-à-vis its European neighbours, so at least arrived in seems to be the perception of the first members of the Bundestag.

A legal claim would not change the slow implementation and the systemic problems (keyword: nurseries), but would help build pressure to accelerate change.

What do you think?

Written by Kim Anderson

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