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After launching on Kickstarter in the spring, the AnkerMake M5 is now officially on sale. The 3D printer can be pre-ordered at a price of 849 euros and will be delivered from mid-December. As a special introductory offer, the manufacturer adds two kilograms of filament and a USB stick with 64 GB of memory with a total value of about 76 euros for all orders received on November 1.

AnkerMake 3D printer 1 1400

With its first 3D printer, Anker aims to combine exceptional user-friendliness with excellent performance data. The printer must set new standards, especially in terms of speed and effectiveness. The manufacturer promises a print speed of up to 250 millimeters per second and in “Fast Mode” speeds up to 2500 millimeters per square second. Thanks to an integrated camera, the AnkerMake M5’s artificial intelligence should detect errors at an early stage and effectively prevent printing errors and thus unnecessary material consumption in order to work as effectively and cost-effectively as possible.

Structure Anchormake 1400

Anker promises a particularly user-friendly setup, so according to the manufacturer, the 3D printer can also be set up by newcomers in the field in just three steps in less than 15 minutes. In addition, various automatic functions and, last but not least, the status display and notifications via app should enable a user-friendly start. In this connection, the current status of the printer can be checked at any time via the integrated webcam. An integrated LED serves as a light source and the camera can, for example, also record the entire printing process as a time-lapse recording.

The AnkerMake M5 has a print surface of 235 x 235 x 250 millimeters and is equipped with a 4.3-inch touchscreen. In general, the dimensions of the device are 502 x 438 x 470 millimeters.

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