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The Grila desktop application is aimed at Mac users who are generally reluctant to take their hands off the keyboard and only use the trackpad or mouse when there is no longer a way to complete the current task with the keyboard.

For that target group, Grila wants to be understood as an alternative to streamlined calendar overviews such as Itsycal and Co. and can not only be displayed at the touch of a button, but also navigate, browse and search for upcoming appointments with the help of the keyboard.

Displayed but not edited

What Grila cannot do, however, is make new agreements. As a passive calendar viewer, the application is designed only to display existing appointments, but cannot edit, move, or delete them.

By default, Grila uses a three-month view that displays the current month and parts of the previous month or the upcoming month, looking for a compromise between the density of information and the required screen space.

When Grila is called up with the hotkey you chose during the first start-up, you can navigate in the appointment overview with letters (for the months) and numbers (for the days).

Grila Event lamp 1400

If necessary, you can switch to the year or month view for a better overview. Shortcut keys are also available to quickly jump between individual months, which can also be displayed in the user interface of the Grila application and can therefore be learned relatively quickly.

Try risk-free

The application itself can be downloaded from the developer’s website and can be tried completely risk-free. In the free version, Grila simply shuts down after a few hours and then has to be restarted. If you like the calendar view, you can download the unlimited full version from the Mac App Store and pay a one-time fee of $3.49.

Download from the App Store

‎Grila • calendar for typers
‎Grila • calendar for typers
Developer: Alin Panaitiu

Price: 3.49 €

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