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If you use the search box of Apple’s official photo application, you can not only take advantage of the intelligent search suggestions, but also rely on the photo application’s automatic subject recognition to quickly find your way among the more than 5000 object types that Apple’s subject recognition understands to show you what you’re looking for.

An example of this is searching for the search term “cat”. Apple provides matching results as you type, making it easier to find photos of your four-legged friend. Selecting “Cat” or “Adult Cat” from the search hits will show all images where Apple algorithms found a hit

But not for smart albums?

However, the scene recognition results cannot be used to create intelligent albums, or without knowing exactly how.

The intelligent albums of the also allow access to the subject recognition capabilities, but hide them behind the unclearly translated “message” label.

message cat

Use the “Message” label

To create a new smart album that contains the cat photos that are also displayed when the “Cat” search suggestion is selected in the smart search, create a smart album as follows: > New Smart Album > Meets the following conditions: “message” is “cat”. The smart album can now be saved or additional criteria such as time periods and keywords can be added.

Why Apple offers the option so hidden is unclear, but the fact that subject recognition can also be used in the intelligent albums is very welcome.


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Written by Kim Anderson

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