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The dream job at the Apple Store is increasingly becoming a classic manufacturing and electronics retail job – with increasing sales pressure and declining appreciation for those employee qualities that, just a few short years ago, decisively influenced the shopping experience at Apple.

This is reported by reporter Josh Eidelson, who spoke to various retail employees of the American group for a portrait of the Apple branches and the union organization that is increasingly seen there.

Sales must be correct

These tell of an increasingly ordinary work environment in which Apple no longer values ​​highly trained “genius” employees who have impressed customers with their unfailing expertise, but pushes them to generate additional sales.

For example, Apple should urge its employees to focus on so-called “ownership opportunities”. The euphemism is intended to describe Apple’s internal prioritization of new device sales, which is preferable to the repair of existing devices.

Apple is said to have become increasingly strict when it comes to assessing employee performance. While customer satisfaction was most important in the beginning, the store associates are now optimized to generate as much sales as possible. According to a store employee, Apple is now “trying to get the last penny out of every square foot.”

Cause of the union boom

Apple’s new way of dealing with its own branches and the fact that the group’s formulated claim and daily sales are drifting further and further apart, would be partly responsible for the growing union organization in the United States.

One of the organizers states that Apple now feels like a car salesman promoting products that are often not the right solution for the customers present.

A readable all-round cover that doesn’t necessarily make you want to visit an Apple branch.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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