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With the so-called Pick-Me-Apps from the Ukraine-based software studio Unclutter, Black Friday gets its second software package for Mac users this year, which this time follows a simple logic. The folks behind Unclutter have put together 12 Mac applications that can be bought together as a bundle or individually, depending on your needs.

Anyone purchasing the applications individually can look forward to an $84 package price as part of the current Black Friday campaign, for apps that would have cost $406 if sold individually. The bundle saves $322 or 79 percent.

Duration of three weeks

Anyone who does not need all 12 applications, perhaps because some are already available and others have no place in their daily work, can also use them individually. During the term of the three-week software bundle, all participating apps are 50 percent cheaper than normal. The creators of the campaign offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on purchases made, so you can request a hassle-free refund if in doubt.

Four app recommendations from us

Of the 12 applications, there are four that we use regularly and can recommend without reservation.

  • Here we want the math block first Solver 3 to which we recently sang a song of praise.
  • We also do not know of any Mac tool that is as effective in reducing the file size of PDF documents as PDF squeezer. The app is worth its weight in gold.
  • We also use it regularly Text Sniperthat waits in the Mac menu bar and can quickly extract text from images, copy-protected PDFs, images, and web pages.
  • The video downloader has also proven its worth Downies 4which quickly saves selected videos from major portal sites to your own hard drive.

The bundle is presented on this special page.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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