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The video player IINA is now available in version 1.3.1. In connection with the update, the developers of the app are also issuing a “warning” to users of older macOS versions that it is most likely the last version of IINA, which will also work with the previous Apple operating systems macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 12 Monterey is running.

The current version of Apple’s Xcode development environment only supports app creation for macOS 13 Ventura, but the IINA developers are still looking for solutions to continue supporting users of older operating systems.

IINA presents itself as a stylish alternative to the extremely versatile but also somewhat outdated top dog VLC and, like it, is promoted as an open source project. With the currently published version 1.3.1, IINA is getting its third update this year. Previously, versions 1.2.0 in February and 1.3.0 in May brought extensive tweaks and optimizations, especially for the new Apple processors.

The current update of IINA fixes several minor bugs related to the previous version and adds some improvements, including a setting option that allows the default HDR support to be turned off.

IINA as a full media player

Strictly speaking, we’re doing IINA an injustice when we just describe the app as a video player. Even if this probably describes the main use of the application and the app proves to be an excellent solution for playing both local video files and online streams, here is a powerful all round media player under the stylish hood.

The solid technical foundation for IINA is provided by the open source project mpv and as an alternative to the ability to play common video formats, IINA also has a music mode in which the application then presents itself as a classic “MP3 player” on the Mac.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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