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Why are there so many good text editors from Japan? In addition to our absolute favorite, the freeware application CotEditor, which is now fully localized in German, the Mac application Mi is also one of the more comprehensive, fully native text editors for Mac users. Version 3.7 of the latter is now completely free to download and delivers new features that should please existing users and attract new users.

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Available since 1996

26 years after the release of version 1.0 of the text editor launched in 1996 as “Mimikaki Edit”, version 3.7 now knows how to sync the Mi settings data via Apple’s iCloud. If the corresponding function is activated in the general settings of the desktop application (Settings > General > iCloud), the numerous presets and configuration options that Mit offers will be synchronized across all your installations.

In addition, Mi is now also compatible with macOS Ventura and stable to use under the successor of macOS Monterey.

Mi Editor screenshot

The text editor Mi has extensive outliner capabilities, has an integrated file system search function and an overview of the elements in the working directory and, when used as a code editor, understands the syntax highlighting of many programming languages.

A statistical overview allows you to view the characters, words and paragraphs already written at any time – all frequently needed tools can be placed within reach of the mouse pointer at any time using the freely configurable toolbar.

Anyone who, like us, is excited about the CotEditor should also test Mi on their own Mac and not be put off by the developer’s Japanese-language website.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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