How Busy Mums Can Get Fit at Home

How Busy Mums Can Get Fit at Home
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How Busy Mums Can Get Fit at Home
How Busy Mums Can Get Fit at Home

How Busy Mums Can Get Fit at Home

As a mother, it can be incredibly challenging to find time to exercise. Between your family and your home life, you may feel like you have no time for yourself. But it’s essential for your well-being that you take time out each day to keep fit and healthy. So how can busy mums find the time to stay fit without needing hours in the day? We have some solutions for you!

If you are like most busy mums, your hectic schedule can make it hard to find the time to stay fit. You may find yourself skipping workouts or not being able to leave the kids with a sitter for a few hours so you can go to the gym. This is what makes home workouts attractive, but it’s also why many people have trouble sticking with them.

Running a household, working full-time, and raising kids is hard enough. But then, you’re supposed to squeeze in regular exercise? Who has time for that? No wonder fitness seems like a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Thankfully, it’s not impossible to make time for fitness while managing a busy schedule. Here are five tips that will help you stay fit without making your day-to-day life any more hectic.

Know Which Exercises You Can Do At Home

If you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, you can’t rely on going to the gym to stay fit. Instead, you need to make sure you’re doing exercises at home, because the gym isn’t always available, it can be expensive, and it can even get boring if you’re not careful. During the summer, I became more strict about my exercise routine, which helped.

The next time around, I opted for more low-intensity exercises at home in order to stay fit. Here are five low-intensity exercises you can do at home that will work your entire body. According to Harvard Health, “Skiing is an excellent exercise for cardiovascular health, as well as for improving lung capacity, improving fitness, and maintaining bone density.” One of the best ways to stay fit is to invest in ski or snowboard equipment. While I’ve never skied, it’s a popular fitness choice among many because of the incredible feeling and the short commute.

During the winter, if you have enough time, you can go mountain biking or snowshoeing, which are both equally good ways to get fit and exercise. Even if walking isn’t your thing, taking a walk down the street for lunch or grabbing a cup of coffee is a great way to exercise. Studies show that walking lowers your risk of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and certain cancers, so it’s a great place to start.

Follow A Routine That Suits Your Day-To-Day Schedule

Follow a routine that suits your day-to-day schedule. If you don’t have much time during the day, try to get up early in the morning and do your work then. This gives you a nice, long chunk of time to work on your blog and does other things. In addition, start small. As a new parent, this might be easier to do with only a few hours per day to dedicate to exercise.

But if you have endless deadlines and errands to run before your 9 am responsibility — this won’t work. So, find the rhythm that works for you. Limit your post-workout meal. I know — it sounds like a cheat, but trust me, it’s not because you’re so hungover from that 6-hour binge you just had. Instead, stick to eating something with less than 30g of protein after your workout session.

This way, you can gain more muscle with the same amount of calories and steer clear of any side effects of fasted training. Does that mean you can’t have a glass of wine with dinner? I don’t think so. Don’t skip breakfast. There’s nothing more annoying than having an endless schedule that works for early risers until 11:30 am, only to wake up at 5:00 am and realize you only have an hour left before you have to run or drive to pick up your kids from school. Establish a consistent morning routine that includes exercise, work, and digestion — you’ll be more mentally and physically prepared to tackle your day.

Create An Exercise Space In Your House

Having an exercise space in your house is ideal for working out, especially if you live alone. You can design your space for the playground equipment you use most often, like a treadmill and weights. If you have space in your home or in front of your home, one of the best things you can do for your health is to create an exercise space. For example,

I have a custom treadmill that I use every day at home that’s set up exactly how I want it. You can do the same by reading this article, How to Build an Ergonomic Workout Mat in 45 Minutes, which walks you through the entire course of creating a new exercise mat.

You’ll also need space to store your equipment. You never know how long you’ll use the same piece of equipment or how convenient it is to grab a new one when your old one gets worn out. Having a spot where you can store things that are crucial to your health is an enormous time and energy saver.

It would be best if you found a closet space or an extra bedroom in your house where you can do yoga or other stationary exercises. If you’re short on space, purchasing a yoga mat is a cheap alternative. Just take some time to get comfy and set up your mat in a well-lit space, and you’ll be on your way to improved fitness. If you have multiple floors, you can install exercise equipment on the highest level available.

This is especially helpful if you have a workout area on each floor. If you have a large basement, you can install dumbbells, medicine balls, or kettlebells on the highest level available to provide variety to your workout. Your exercise equipment can help you stay fit or help you regain your strength faster than if you just worked out in a stationary way.

Use Technology To Stay On Top Of Your Fitness Goals

For those who are trying to get fit, technology can help. There are a lot of apps and devices that can help you monitor your fitness goals and your progress. Fitbit, for example, has a wide range of fitness trackers that can track your heart rate, the distance you walk or run, the calories you burn, and even how well you sleep. While these functional devices are great resources for motivation and help you get regular exercise, don’t be surprised if you miss a day or a few because you don’t log enough data.

Make Time For Fitness Despite Life’s Demands

You need to make time for fitness despite your busy life. If you want to be successful in anything in life, you need to make time for it. If you want to be a great parent and spend time with your children, you need to make time for your family. If you want to have a great career, you need to make time for it. For as long as you can remember, our bodies have demanded something of us. Somewhere deep inside, we’ve vowed that we’d get ourselves in shape or lose those extra pounds moving around too much. In recent years, our culture has become obsessed with working out but neglects to teach us how to be physically active.

In the starting time, the important thing is that you choose activities that are high intensity and low volume. What does that mean? If you’re trying new sports, you’ll want to choose ones that are thrilling, exciting, and skill-based. Try some ping pong, badminton, archery, or a tasting party. Pick competitive or endurance sports that challenge the limits of your body and mind.

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