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Update from November 10: The Tapo P300 power strip with HomeKit integration and USB-C port, announced in August, is now in the shops and is for sale for 48.90 euros. In comparison: the competitor model from Meross, which is equipped with four Schuko connections and four USB-A ports, currently costs 42.13 euros.

Original post of August 30: With the Tapo P300, a new addition is announced to the power strips that are compatible with Apple Home. The Chinese manufacturer TP-Link already lists the new power strip with the correct approvals and a Schuko plug on its international website. However, there are no concrete statements about the delivery date yet, in this regard there is currently nothing to be heard from TP-Link except “Coming soon”.

Of particular note is the fact that, unless we’re mistaken, the new power strip is the first HomeKit power strip with a USB-C port. Unlike the usual USB-A-only ports, in addition to three Schuko ports and two USB-A charging ports, there is also a USB-C port with 18 watts of PD power.

Tp Link Homekit power strip

The Tapo P300’s USB ports are permanently powered. The three standard sockets are individually switchable via app or Siri and support a total power of 2,300 watts or 10 amps. Indicator lights on the three slots each individually indicate whether they are currently enabled or disabled. In addition, the power strip can also be switched on or off completely manually with a conventional button.

The connection to the home network and thus also the HomeKit connection is made via 2.4 GHz WLAN. TP-Link specifies the dimensions of the socket as 268 x 55 x 40 millimeters and emphasizes that the 57 millimeters distance between the individual Schuko sockets also leaves enough room for use with larger plugs or power supplies. The permanently connected connecting cable has a length of one and a half meters. Slotted holes in the back should also make it easy to mount the outlet horizontally or vertically on a wall.

Product Notice:

TP-Link Tapo P300 power strip with 2 USB ports & 1 Type C ports, multiple surge protection,… EUR 48.90

HomeKit sockets so far only with USB-A

We expect more new HomeKit power strips with additional USB-C charging ports in the coming months. Most recently, the manufacturer Meross made us frown after redesigning its HomeKit socket, but still relaunching it with only USB-A support.

Product Notice:

Smart power strip WiFi for HomeKit meross WLAN power strip 4 sockets and 4 USB ports, compatible… EUR 42.13

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