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At Google, someone should be asked if they have the right job or employer. A tweet posted by the official Google Pixel Twitter account was sent from an iPhone.

The fact that the tweet was posted in response to Apple boss Tim Cook’s TakeNote tweet and wanted to advertise Apple’s competitor’s Pixel smartphones is also spicy here.

The background to this must be explained outside the US. Apple advertised the hashtag #TakeNote in the run-up to the iPad presentation, but overlooked the fact that it’s already being used by an NBA team, which drew criticism especially from basketball fans.

The error was quickly spotted by Google and the tweet was subsequently deleted and re-sent via the Twitter web application, but the internet never forgets.

HP’s “perfect” Windows notebook with macOS

HP also has to give Apple points after the company released a promotional banner featuring one of its Windows notebooks with Google Chrome and the Google Gmail app on macOS. The ad agency appointed by HP in this regard can probably put on the shoe for this glitch.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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