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Apple’s advertising division currently generates annual sales of approximately $4 billion. To keep this number at least double digits in the long run, Apple is said to be significantly expanding its internal advertising efforts and will no longer limit itself to showing small ad banners in the App in the future. Store .

Something like this: Mockup shows ads in the Maps app

Advertise in the Apple Maps

Among other things, Apple plans to follow the lead of Google Maps and provide its own maps with advertising overlays that could place restaurants or retailers prominently next to regular search results.

According to information from business news service Bloomberg, the introduction of ad spaces on Apple’s cards will be addressed as early as early next year.

Advertise on MLS Football TV

And that’s not all: with the sale of classic TV spots, Apple also wants to gold its investments in the American professional football league MLS. In June, Apple announced it had signed a ten-year exclusive contract with its US Bundesliga counterpart and announced that it would offer its games through a separate channel in the Apple TV app.

Apple Ms Live Stream

Apple not only plans paid streaming via a payment channel, but also wants to broadcast individual games completely free of charge. A strategy we already know from the “Friday Night Baseball” broadcasts that Apple has been offering for baseball fans for some time.

Classic TV commercial

Apple is said to be planning to monetize the live broadcast of football matches by selling conventional TV advertising. It is currently unclear whether Apple will also show this to the paying subscribers of the MLS football channel, but it is anything but unlikely.

It is estimated that Apple has filed about $2.5 billion for the rights to MLS, or $250 million for each season over the next ten years.

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