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The manufacturer Meross, known as a supplier of cheap HomeKit components, has now also made its air purifier with HomeKit connection, which it presented in September, available in Germany through the online retailer Amazon and is asking for a price reduction from 20 euros to 109, 99 euros for the market launch.

Meross Homekit air purifier

The air purifier, which in addition to linking with Apple’s smart home architecture also understands Google Home and Alexa, relies on a cylindrical design, a three-layer filter system and a 360° air inlet and is connected to the home network via WLAN.

With night mode, without display

According to the manufacturer, the air purifier’s three-layer filtration system consists of a pre-filter designed to trap larger debris such as hair, an H13 Ture HEPA filter, with an efficiency of 99.97 percent of all particles in the 0.3 range. micron, and an activated carbon filter. The latter is said to actively counteract odors.

Meross Homekit Air Purifier Filter

In use, the air purifier must consume 0.012 kW/h and with its airflow of 160 cubic meters per hour is suitable for rooms with a size of almost 20 square meters.

The very compact air purifier with outer dimensions of 18 cm x 18 cm x 39 cm has three speeds and a particularly quiet sleep mode.

Meross Homekit air purifier detail

Use on schedule

Unlike competitors such as the Airversa HomeKit air purifier, which costs 189 euros, or the Smartmi air purifier with HomeKit, which costs 130 euros, the Meross model has no digital display or live measurement of air quality, but relies on on-demand activation, via HomeKit automations or schedule usage, which should also be possible without an internet connection. The official Meross app is required for the configuration.

product notification

WLAN air purifier for allergy sufferers with H13 HEPA air filter Works with Apple HomeKit, Meross 24dB room air purifier… EUR 109.99

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