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Apple executives rarely give interviews. In addition, these often take place in highly controlled environments and almost never answer questions that are not directly related to the newly presented products or the actual reason for the conversation, such as opening a store.

A good example of this is the videotaped conversation between Apple’s then marketing chief Phil Schiller and British Channel 4 reporter Benjamin Cohen, who asked the Apple employee without warning about the monopoly that Apple’s iTunes Music Store held at the time.

We follow with similar interest the even rarer podium discussions with Apple’s executive floor, where critical questions usually have to be looked for with a magnifying glass.

The Wall Street Journal digs deeper

Not so with the appearance of two Apple executives Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak on stage at the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

In a dialogue with WSJ reporter Joanna Stern, the two top executives commented on some rather controversial topics and were sometimes bluntly reprimanded by Stern.

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For example, when asked about the availability of iMessage on Android devices. Stern handed Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi here an email copy (in the video at minute 22:30), which had come to light in the course of a legal dispute.

In the email, Apple’s software boss spoke out against extending the iMessage short message service to Android. Federighi’s concern: If the messenger were also available on Google’s operating system, it could encourage parents to buy their kids cheaper Android devices instead of using the iPhone.

USB-C and Apple Promotional Activities

In the panel discussion, which I broadcast in full on the short message portal Twitter can watchalso discusses the upcoming change of the iPhone from the Lightning to the USB-C standard.

Stern also discusses the integration of so-called “App Tracking Transparency” guidelines, which have not only made Apple’s iPhone ad business extremely unattractive to companies like Meta and Google, but have reportedly caused both companies to lose billions of dollars in dollars. income.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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