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The idea behind the non-commercial, neutral Gematik GmbH is actually to be welcomed: the company, founded in 2005, of which not only the Ministry of Health and the German Medical Association, but also numerous players from the health sector (such as the Association of Pharmacists, the hospital business and health insurers), is believed to promote the digitization of the German health care system.

Epa Gematic 1500

However, what the Gematik has achieved so far in its role as a coordinating body is still too euphemistic to even be summed up with the term tragedy.

Criticism of the Chaos Computer Club

Most recently, Gematik faced sharp criticism from the Chaos Computer Club. He accused the company not only of wasting 400 million euros on the expensive forced exchange of exercise hardware, but also of allowing a small cartel of hardware suppliers to earn a gold nose in the German health care system through “strategic incompetence”.

To underline how futile the Gematik acted, the hacker club then published a software solution that avoided the expensive hardware exchange.

E-recipe bobs mee

Earlier, Gematik screwed up the German start of the e-prescription and drove it against the wall several times due to insufficient preparations.

In addition, Gematik has been cooking electronic patient files for some time now. The implementation of an opt-out solution for this must now be examined in the current legislature. In other words: the electronic patient file must first be set up as standard for all insured persons and then offer an opt-out option with which insured parties who do not want this can actively object.

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Test assignment, short patient record, eMP

This is intended to counter the current status quo, which assumes that policyholders must actively register with their health insurance company to set up an electronic health record.

A step that is overdue, but not currently being performed, but should be investigated as part of a test assignment:

The electronic patient record (ePA) should still function as an opt-out solution during this term of office. The ePA must then be set up automatically for all insured persons. If you do not want this, you can actively object to this (this corresponds to the “opt-out principle”). As a result, gematik received the test order for an “opt-out ePA” from the shareholders’ meeting on Monday, November 7, 2022. Four important opt-out dimensions are examined: making the file available, access to the ePA, filling thereof and the pseudonymised data transmission for research purposes. It has also been decided that the electronic medication plan (eMP) and the electronic patient overview (ePKA) will also be part of the ePA.

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