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Two new accessories that are currently not available in Germany, but have us waiting with interest for the respective market launches.

Supplier Ecovacs, known for its vacuum robots, is launching a robotic lawnmower with the GOAT G1. Accessory supplier Ugreen is preparing to launch a new USB-C dock with expanded monitor capabilities.

Ecovacs Mahroboter GOAT G1

With the intelligent robotic lawnmower GOAT G1 ​​​​the vacuum robot supplier Ecovacs is launching a grass trimmer that, in addition to a 360° panoramic camera, also has a fisheye camera with a viewing angle of 150° and wants it in addition to ultra-wideband, inertial navigation and GPS for precise navigation in the garden. .

With a cutting width of 22 cm, the GOAT G1 ​​​​should have a cutting capacity of 600 square meters per day and offer variable cutting heights of 3-6 centimeters.

However, an exact date for the market launch is still lacking. Ecovacs currently only offers a preview page where you can check out the new GOAT G1 ​​and request an email notification when it goes on sale.

Ugreen 12-in-1 Display Dock

The new docking station from accessories supplier Ugreen makes a bulky impression, but also offers decent functionality. Among other things, the desk dock has three monitor connections, making it possible to use a MacBook Pro with four simultaneously active desktops.

USB C dock

The new 12-in-1 dock distributes the display signals between two HDMI connections and one display port. While one HDMI port offers a resolution of up to 8K at 30 Hz, the other HDMI port and the display port have a maximum of 4K at 60 Hz.

In addition, there is a network connection with 1000 Mbps, a USB-C data connection, three USB-A ports, an audio connection for input and output and two memory card slots. The retail price in the US is $329.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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