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As in many households, the Amazon Echo speakers only fulfill a handful of tasks and are mainly used in the kitchen. Here, the voice assistant Alexa is primarily responsible for setting timers, converting units of measurement (if recipes from abroad are prepared), occasionally playing the latest news from Deutschlandfunk and playing the short weather forecast every morning.

Elexa Kueche

The new Echo Dot: initially still on the desktop

Away from the Echo Flex

In the kitchen, after many months with the Echo Flex, we recently moved to the 5th gen Echo Dot, which we recently reviewed here. The better sound in the world, the new knock function, the multi-function LED display, which can display not only the time but also the outdoor and indoor temperature, conversions and song titles, were the deciding factor.

What was annoying, however, was the space requirement posed by the new Echo Dot as opposed to the compact Echo Flex. Where the Echo Flex in the socket above the worktop is hardly a nuisance, the Echo Dot not only comes with a relatively large power supply, but also with a long cable and a foot that takes up free space on the kitchen worktop.

wall outlet side

For 4th and 5th generation

This is not only impractical because the display of the Alexa speaker is no longer perfectly in the field of view, but also because the mini speaker is too close to the cooking surface and the often floury work surface.

We searched our way through the range of wall brackets and after one failure we ended up with this one, which has been doing well in the kitchen for about two weeks now.

Stip bracket frontal

Reason enough at this point to draw attention to the presence of the Cozycase wall mount for Echo Dot of the 4th & 5th generation, which has proven to be stable, functional and space-saving despite initial skepticism.

Quickly mounted with the wall spacer and the supplied screws and adjusted to the distances between the wall and the socket, the bracket meets our expectations and can be recommended at the moment.

Product Notice

Cozycase wall bracket for Echo Dot 4/5. Generation with clock – space-saving bracket accessories for Smart Home… 14.99 EUR 16.99 EUR

Product Notice

The new Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022) with clock | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | grey blue 39.99 EUR

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Written by Kim Anderson

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