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Amazon has been offering the new fifth-generation Echo Dot for sale since Friday. You wouldn’t think it’s a big deal, but the Echo Dot isn’t just Amazon’s premier Alexa speaker, the Echo Dot is the world’s best-selling speaker. We follow with equal interest the further development of the spherical loudspeaker, which in its “with clock” version not only has a time display but also a multjojo Reviewsctional information display.

Elexa Kueche

The new Echo Dot: mainly works here as a kitchen companion

Neues 5×21 LED display

The brightness depends on the ambient light and can be freely configured in exact percentage values. In standard operation, the display shows the time or run time as soon as it has fallen below a remaining run time of 60 minutes.

Weather forecast shows temperature
Indoor temperature via sensor query

In addition, the new 5×21 LED display informs about song titles and artists during music playback and shows core components of Alexa responses on the display. For example, if you ask about the height of the Eiffel Tower, you will see the “324 meters” on the display before the answer is spoken. The current weather forecast and calculation results are also displayed there.

Display shows radio and song information…
… as well as the main components of the answers

Temperature, Ultrasonic and Tip Sensor

Inside, the new fifth-generation Echo Dot has a temperature sensor that allows the speaker to precisely respond to questions about the current indoor temperature. It can also be used in routines. An ultrasonic sensor is able to detect moving people in the room and can be used to activate so-called presence routines.

Tap detection stops alarm

As with a conventional motion detector, the ultrasonic sensor can switch on lamps when entering the room. The new tap sensor detects knocks on the Echo Dot, allowing it to pause and resume music playback, snooze an alarm, and disable an expired timer.

Alexa App Eisntellungen

The new Echo Dot: Settings in the Alexa app

The audio output – according to Amazon, the new Dot has twice the bass, sharper mids and significantly greater deflection – is almost too large for playing music in the kitchen and completely acceptable even at higher levels.

What (we) don’t like is the power supply, which doesn’t use a USB-C port but a DC connection pin.

product notification

The new Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022) with clock | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | grey blue EUR 69.99

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Written by Kim Anderson

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