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By default, Apple’s Mail application on macOS Ventura creates a preview of Internet addresses included in a draft email. This can meet the approval of the majority of Apple users and in many situations it can certainly be a positive addition. However, it would be nice if this automatic function could be easily deactivated by the user.

So far, we haven’t been able to find a common switch to display link previews automatically in the macOS Ventura mail app. Accordingly, there is only one workaround or unnecessarily complex manual intervention to prevent this and suppress these dependent elements in the email display, some of which are just plain annoying.

It is best to put the links in the text

In general, the preview always appears when a link copied to the clipboard is pasted into an email. However, you may have noticed that the link preview display is based on the content or integration of the link in an email. If the link is alone, the preview image will be embedded, if you put the link in a sentence or just put it between two punctuation marks, the preview will be suppressed.

Another, albeit rather cumbersome, option to hide the URL preview is the small drop-down menu that appears when you hover over the link preview. Here you have the option to convert the link to text and thus deactivate the preview.

In general, there is an option in the Mail app settings in the “Compose” area to resize a self-created email to “plain text”. But then you also forget all the text formatting options, such as bold or italics, and elements such as images in the signature.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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