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Apple discusses the enhanced email capabilities introduced with macOS Ventura in two new support videos. We’re adding the two movies below, but we want to go into more detail about the new features.

Send emails later

First of all, Apple’s mail program in macOS 13 Ventura offers the possibility to send emails with a delay. At first glance, most users will find it difficult to find a reasonable goal for this. But with the knowledge of this feature, such a thing can certainly happen. Suppose you need to make a shopping list and are more or less finished writing the email, but want to wait until the evening to see if there are any changes or additions.

The “Send Later” function is hidden as a drop-down menu to the right of the regular send button by the paper airplane and, as an alternative to sending immediately, offers the option to send the email at your suggested time macOS or set this time yourself.

The emails configured to be sent later are then stored in a separate folder that can be found under the name “Send Later” in the sidebar of Apple’s email program. Here you can edit the drafts at any time or change the set time for sending.

Mac must be turned on to send

Macos Ventura Mail Send Later

However, in this regard, you should know that the email drafts are stored locally on your computer and therefore it is imperative that it is turned on and connected to the Internet at the desired time of sending.

Get emails (or not)

Another innovation introduced with macOS Ventura was the ability to unsend emails within a certain period of time. Strictly speaking, of course, the emails aren’t sent and retrieved here, but Apple just delays the actual sending and pretends the email is already on its way. A similar feature has been available in Gmail for several years now.

Get Mac Ventura Mail

By default, a “thinking time” of ten seconds is specified here. If you want to change this value, call up the e-mail settings and there the “Compose” area. Alternatively, you can also select a longer interval of 20 or 30 seconds or disable the delayed email delivery completely.

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