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The new version 2.0 of the SwitchGlass Mac application, which is available in the German Mac App Store for $5.99, has been released and features numerous small detailed improvements aimed at fans and new users of the dedicated app switcher.

SwitchGlass is primarily aimed at trackpad and mouse users looking for an alternative to the dock (perhaps hidden by default) to switch back and forth between the running applications with a click.

In addition, SwitchGlass can be used as a drag-and-drop target for saving files and can bring any or all windows of the selected apps to the foreground of the system.

Optimized for use with multiple monitors

The application is optimized for use on Macs with multiple monitors connected and can be configured in detail with a variety of settings. In this way, not only the appearance and behavior of the app can be influenced, but also the position and visibility on the display.

Switchgalss 2 Settings

New in version 2.0 is the ability to change the order of the displayed applications. In addition, SwitchGlass now distinguishes between global settings that apply to all active app switchers and the additional settings that affect only one instance of SwitchGlass on a single monitor.

SwitchGlass can be used with both light and dark optics, offers pixel-precise configuration options for icon sizes and spacing, and has no other in-app purchases or subscription offerings. After the one-time purchase, the download will run with full functionality.

If you’re interested, we encourage you to read the full App Store description. This explains other functions of the app that can be performed with the additional shift or option key pressed.

Download from the App Store

Entwickler: Hypercritical LLC

Price: 5.99 €

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Written by Kim Anderson

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