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Starlink, the satellite internet subsidiary of space company SpaceX, is reviewing its fair use policy and will introduce data caps in early markets to limit satellite internet usage during peak hours.

Data limitation and additional costs

The changes, which will initially be implemented mainly in the United States and Canada, introduce the concept of so-called “priority access”, ie “priority access” to the limited capabilities of the Starlink satellites. This mainly concerns the period between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Starlink now wants to closely monitor the data usage of paying customers and allows all users to transfer 1 TB of data per billing period via priority access. This means that anyone who has exceeded their limit will not be served (or with a lower priority) until the capacities are exhausted, as long as the needs of the users who still have Priority Access data credit have been processed.

1 TB priority access, 25 Cent pro GB

It remains to be seen how far-reaching the impact on service quality will be. However, it must be possible to lift the restriction with additional payments. For 25 cents per gigabyte, data can be sent to or received from the space with priority access, even after the first 1 TB per billing period has been exceeded.

Starlink Priority

Priority access isn’t even available for the recently launched Starlink RV offering, the satellite internet for mobile homes that can also be used while driving.

It remains to be seen when the new guidelines, due to be introduced in the United States in December, will also apply to customers in Germany. In this country, Starlink reserves the right to conduct appropriate network administration to take action against “excessive use of network resources”, but the fair use guidelines still do not contain information about priority access.

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