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macOS Ventura continues to plague many users with problems. New to our list are glitches and temporarily frozen applications. A problem that has already been reported by a number of readers and that is also doing the rounds on online forums.

For the user, this is reflected in the fact that the entire Mac or even individual programs can no longer be addressed. Mouse clicks have no effect for long seconds to several minutes. Sometimes the classic “beach ball” is displayed as a system overload symbol, but often there is no visual representation at all, it just doesn’t work.

Beach ball Mac

While some users report encountering these issues several times a day, in other cases, the error occurs relatively infrequently and at intervals of several days. Even in terms of troubleshooting, the whole thing is very different. In most cases, the error corrects itself after waiting for a certain amount of time, but here and there it is also necessary to permanently terminate unresponsive applications using Apple’s Option+Command+Escape key combination.

Hoping for macOS 13.1

Affected users can only be patient. So far, no uniform error pattern can be created here that would indicate problems associated with a specific app or extension. On the contrary, the most diverse applications are also affected.

The first bug reports about this came shortly after the release of macOS 13 Ventura last month. Almost two weeks ago, Apple released version 13.0.1 of the first update to macOS Ventura. However, the new version does not affect the described error. Instead, Apple has taken care of its advertisers and fixed a bug that restricted them from requesting statistics.

The hopes of the users affected by the bug are now on the update to macOS Ventura 13.1 that is expected for the coming month.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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