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Who owns the mobility data that modern vehicles can generate, record, evaluate and also pass on? A question of ownership that is currently unresolved, but in fact the vehicle manufacturers in particular currently have data sovereignty over the mobility data generated during the daily use of networked vehicles.

Vehicle users must decide for themselves

To ensure that this changes in the future and that knowledge about traffic flow, traffic light phases, road conditions, weather, construction sites, current speed limits, route development and driving behavior is no longer used at the moment or is subsequently evaluated by the vehicle manufacturer, the Federal Consumers’ Association advocates the introduction of a so-called mobility data monitor.

Behind the cumbersome term lies the demand for a way for vehicle owners to make sovereign decisions about the use of their data, which is also supported by the ADAC.

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Mobility Data Guardian must provide transparent information

The consumer advocates have now called on the legislator to create a legal basis that should ultimately allow the vehicle user to decide whether and to what extent mobility data will be passed on to third parties.

The mobility data monitor is intended to inform motorists who want access to the existing data and what it should be used for. Drivers can then object to the requests or authorize them if they consent.

The Federation of German Consumer Organizations has now set out its idea in the position paper “Mobility data guard – Guarantee of digital privacy in networked vehicles for all consumers”, which can now be downloaded from the Internet in PDF format, together with the accompanying “Report on the implementation of a mobility data custodian”. .

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Written by Kim Anderson

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