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Opinions differ on how useful Stage Manager mode is on the Mac, newly introduced with macOS Ventura. While proponents of the new screen praise the clearer window overview and welcome the alternate app view, which sits somewhere halfway between full-screen and normal multi-window operation, others are troubled by the feature’s confusing nature.

The second camp also includes the developer studio “MacPlus Software”, which has now released the pre-release version of a new additional download for Apple’s Stage Manager mode with the Mac application Stage View.

Stage View creates an overview

The Help application supplements the Stage Manager view with a preview, which slides into view as an overlay window next to the individual Stage Manager groups and shows a small preview of all the windows combined in that group. From the preview, individual Stage Manager windows can be checked for their contents, opened, minimized and closed on the fly.

It’s quite possible that Apple will provide similar features in a future update to the Mac operating system itself, but until they become part of the operating system, Stage View will enable the temporary enhancement of the new Working View (which, as we know, is not so new).

Stage View can be tried for free, but is marketed as a paid application and depends on the sale of two different types of licenses: either a single license can be purchased for 10.50 euros, which comes with updates for a year, or a so-called lifetime license for 21 euros, which can be installed on up to three Macs.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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