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The map and satellite navigation provider TomTom is repositioning itself. This is symbolized by a new company logo, which in the future will be based on a stylized location pin and will say goodbye to the two red hands that previously adorned the products of the Dutch group.

TomTom itself describes the realignment as one of the most important announcements in the company’s 30-year history: from now on, the company says the focus will be on building and maintaining a new ecosystem that will be called “TomTom Maps Platform”.

TomTom Maps platform

Part of the new strategy, which the company describes as the launch of TomTom 2.0, is the partnership with the OpenStreetMap community project. In the future, they will supplement their own data with the database of the free world maps and thus be able to provide a cost-efficient, high degree of accuracy.

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It is currently unclear how much of TomTom’s own data will flow back to the free world maps, but a collaboration is expected. In the announcement that has now been made, TomTom emphasizes several times that the “TomTom Maps Platform” is intended to lay the foundation for an open collaboration with the entire industry.

TomTom plans to announce precise information about the partnership with the OpenStreetMap soon.

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Only visible in summer

Unfortunately, users won’t be able to get a first look at the new TomTom maps until next year. According to TomTom, the new offer could be shown for the first time next summer and it should be by far the most comprehensive map offer ever.

In addition to the OSM material, the new TomTom maps will be complemented by further databases from key partners, including some of the “big names in the tech industry”, according to TomTom.

So far, however, the provider has not revealed who exactly it is.

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