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We already reported on the new version of Apple TV 4K after the announcement. It is worth noting that the set-top box is one of the few Apple products that has become cheaper than its predecessor. However, Apple got carried away with some additional austerity measures.

We already mentioned that the cheaper version of the new Apple TV 4k, which is available for 169 euros, does not have an Ethernet connection and has the function as a thread router. Apple is now generally also omitting the charging cable for the Siri Remote control that comes in the set-top box, instead referring to the option of purchasing a USB-C charging cable and an HDMI cable separately.

Apple has also switched to a new version of the Siri remote with the new version of the Apple TV 4K, which now charges via USB-C instead of Lightning. The manufacturer apparently assumes that the cables needed to charge the remote control are already sufficiently available from its customers. Older versions of Apple TV that were available yesterday always included the Lightning cable to charge the remote. reader Carlos draws our attention to an interesting fact in this regard. Due to legal requirements in Brazil, the new Apple TV 4K is again sold with a charging cable. There is now a USB-C to USB-C cable from Apple instead of the Lightning cable.

Apple TV 4k Brazil with charging cable

Brazil attracted attention a few weeks ago when it became known that the local Justice Department was imposing a hefty fine on Apple and at the same time decreed that iPhone buyers there would have to get a charger for their new phone again in the future. Otherwise it is a matter of selling an incomplete product and associated discriminatory behavior towards the buyers.

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