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There would be people who go on holiday outside the summer holidays. It’s not about the Costa Brava or the Côte d’Azur, but about canoeing in Norway or hiking in Iceland. And instead of being equipped with a book and an air mattress, you now fly into the wide world with a smartphone, tablet and system camera. And that’s where the dangers are already lurking: water, soil, sand and mud are potential electrical killers. Connections can be damaged, displays can be scratched or entire devices can sink into water. But today’s smart ass takes precautions and packs his electric vehicle fleet into water-resistant and dust-proof bags.

Cellularline Voyager Extreme 5l
The small 5 l variant for small items

The Voyager Extreme from Cellularline is such a bag. It consists of a robust plastic that is somewhat reminiscent of latex. The blue is really bright and looks extremely striking, but we love that. The bags are available in two different sizes, with a capacity of 5 (currently not available) or 15 liters. The smaller compartment is suitable for smartphones and small boxes, while the larger compartment even fits an iPad and our M43 camera.

Simple locking mechanism

There is no zipper or anything like that. The bag is closed and sealed by simply rolling up the bag opening and securing it with clips, the Roll&Clip system. It also works amazingly well and is absolutely sleek!

And so that you don’t have to keep opening and closing your bag because you absolutely need your smartphone, the Italians from Cellularline have conjured up a viewing window in the bag. The mobile phone is pushed from the inside behind two slats. It is fixed there and can even be operated through the viewing window. Whether you swipe or tap, all touch-sensitive elements respond as they should. However, if the bag isn’t too full and you’re constantly stomping on the iPhone, it tends to fall out of the holder and fall into the interior. But who hangs in a recliner and Dr. If you want to gamble Mario World, you don’t do it through the Voyager Extreme either…

Voyager Extreme Clip Closure
Voyager Extreme Clip Closure

For transport you can use the clip closure as a handle or you can casually swing the bag over your shoulder with the strap.

The Voyager Extreme offers optimal protection for our devices – not only on the beach, but also on SUP or kayak trips an optimal travel companion.

Available in blue from €19.99 or green .

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Written by Kim Anderson

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