(Lightweight) Top 8 Best Camping Shower Tent [Buying Guide]

(Lightweight) Top 8 Best Camping Shower Tent

(Lightweight) Top 8 Best Camping Shower Tent
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Camping Shower Tent
Camping Shower Tent

Camping a Shower Tent can be a sloppy and grimy undertaking. Yet, with the right shower tent, one can remain spotless and clean even on all-inclusive camping. 

A Camping Shower Tent is an ideal method to wash off the grime and dust toward finishing a taxing day on the path. However, with such countless extraordinary alternatives to look over, finding only one for your requirements can be precarious

In this particular article, we are giving a detailed review of the top-notch camping shower tents that can be used for various purposes in the expedition, along with their pros and cons.

By the end of this article, you would gather vital information related to camping shower tents. For instance, why you need a shower tent whenever you go on an expedition? What things need to be kept in mind before buying the best popup camping shower tent for you? What are the different types of camp showers tents?  Let us discuss Camping Shower Tent one by one.

Best Camping Shower Tent

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Why do you need to have a Camping Shower Tent on tours?

1. Peace of Mind

While getting a charge out of nature, some may like to bring a bit of solace from home that outdoors shower tents can give. An outdoors shower tent offers not just a private zone to shower, change garments, or utilize the washroom however true serenity. These are valuable and multipurpose items that can upgrade any excursion to the forested areas or the seashore.       

2. Hygiene assurance

The motivation behind a shower tent is to guarantee that you can deal with your cleanliness and stay cool and calm while voyaging outside. It empowers you to appreciate calming cold just as hot showers any place you are that provides you with the feeling of hygiene assurance.

3. To Clean Stuff

Alongside taking a shower and ensuring hygiene, portable shower tents can also be used to wash different things that you carry for daily use purposes. For instance, at the point when the need emerges, a shower tent can likewise be utilized to clean your vehicle, utensils and wash your garments as well.

Features to Keep in Mind before Buying the Camping Shower Tent

  • Durability

Nobody wants to purchase a product that is simply going to break after a couple of uses. In this way, when looking for a camp shower, it’s critical to search for a model with stout shafts and a thick, tear-stop texture that can endure regular use.

  • Setup

Most outdoor showers include a popup tent arrangement which implies that the setup process is quick and easy. They’re likewise highly speedy to overlap down so that no time is squandered.

  • Gear Storage

It’s ideal to have someplace to store your apparel and other significant pieces of stuff as you shower. Numerous models accompany a towel bar, an implicit lattice shower caddy, or even an independent room where you can keep your things while showering.

  • Ventilation

It can get pretty hot inside a camp shower, so it’s important that your shower tent has satisfactory ventilation. Models that have enormous cross-section windows, just as lattice rooftops are a decent choice.

Determine the Type of Camping Shower Tent

There are camp shower tents with two different floor designs; a fixed floor shower tent and a removable floor shower tent. Before buying the camp shower tent, determine the type as per priority.

1– Fixed Floor Shower Tent

Fixed floor shower tents help keep your feet clean and provide incredible security against bugs since the floor is forever joined to the shower. In any case, they are frequently less effective at depleting water.

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2- Removable Floor Shower Tent

Removable floor shower tents provide a better wind stream through the shower and are better at depleting water. Yet, since they leave a massive hole between the floor and the actual tent, they give no assurance against those irritating mosquitoes and gnawing flies.

Comparison Table for the Top 8 Best Camping Shower Tent

No.ProductProduct NameRatingPrice
1Nemo Heliopolis 20215.0
2Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower4.5
3WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent4.5
4Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower4.1
5Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent4.7
KingCamp 2-Room Changing Room Shower
7GigaTent The Stinky Pete Changing Room3.1
8KingCamp Dressing Changing Room4.5
Camping Shower Tent

1. Nemo Heliopolis 2021

Camping Shower Tent
Dimension29 x 12 x 9 inches
Camping Shower Tent

The Nemo Heliopolis is a great ally to the organization’s Helio Portable Tent Shower. It has a hose go-through port and a spout connection framework.

This protection cover is produced using a solid 75D PeU polyester texture with 1500mm of water-opposition. It likewise has enormous cross-section boards for bug insurance, just as ventilation. The shower has a husky aluminium pole setup that is against rust for use in wet conditions.

Furthermore, the Heliopolis has a locking entryway component so you can get the tent secured. For additional ease, the tent has a powered battery light so you can shower around evening time.

It also accompanies a 7 feet (2.1m) high roof, an overhead towel rack, and a tissue holder for two-fold obligation use as a protection safeguard with a camp latrine.

  • Great stuff stockpiling alternatives
  • Entire floor with French-style channel to keep bugs out
  • Made with substantial materials and solid aluminium shafts
  • Genuinely hefty i-e 4.27 kg
  • Not budget-friendly

2. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower
Dimension42.8 x 8.1 x 8 inches
Camping Shower Tent

The Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Shower is a decent choice for campers that need a ton of security. This tent highlights a moment setup process.

This portable shower tent with two separate rooms allows you to take a bath in one and change your attire. This permits you to keep your garments dry and gives you more happiness with the evolving area.

Inside the shower, there are many cross-section boards to give bunches of wind flows.

The shower includes a towel rack and a toiletries holder for added comfort as you wash off. It additionally has a removable rainfly for showering in the downpour, and it accompanies its 5-gallon sun-based shower.

  • Toiletries holder and a shower rack
  • Accompanies included a 5-gallon sunlight based shower
  • Two separate rooms
  • Much Weighty (16lbs/7.3kg)
  • Requires time to set up

3. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent
Dimension47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.8″ H
Camping Shower Tent

The WolfWise Popup Shower tent is constructed utilizing 190 D rip-stop polyester for added toughness. It highlights UPF 30+ sun assurance that obstructs 60% of UV beams, plus a water-repellent completion and taped creases for use in soggy conditions.

The portable popup tent has 74.8 inches (1.89m) focus tallness, so it’s tall enough to oblige most campers. It likewise offers adequate ventilation.

This camp shower intentionally doesn’t have the floor so that it’s simpler for water to empty rapidly. Moreover, it has a side pocket for putting away your most significant bits of stuff.

Lastly, the WolfWise Pop-Up highlights an instant structure set up shortly by an independent camper.

4. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower
Dimension32 x 10 x 8 inches
Camping Shower Tent

The Texsport Portable Shower Tent is an all-included camping shower framework. It has rust-proof and mighty steep shafts with concrete fabric dividers for toughness all through long stretches of utilization.

This camp shower includes a high roof tallness of 7’3″ (2.2m) and has an enormous D-style entryway for a simple section and exit. The tent additionally has two network windows with zippered boards to consider ventilation on blistering days and downpour assurance in a foul climate. Moreover, it has a tear-stop polyethylene floor for keeping your feet spotless as you shower.

This tent additionally incorporates its 5-gallon sun-oriented shower, which can be hung up on a unified snare framework. Besides, it accompanies a hanging towel bar and a lattice shower caddy for putting away your toiletries as you wash.

  • A removable downpour fly and zippered network windows for downpour assurance
  • High focal roof tallness
  • Lattice shower caddy and towel hook for gear stockpiling
  • The enormous hole among the floor and tent base can be hazardous in cart areas.
  • It can require a significant stretch of time to set up.

5. Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent

Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent
Dimension7.09 x 7.09 x 50 inches
ColourGray & Black
Camping Shower Tent

The CORE Two Room Shower Tent is a decent ally for vehicle outdoors undertakings. It has a coordinated steel shaft design that permits it to be set up in less than a moment.

This outdoor shower is stitched with a rip-stop polyester texture with UPF 50+ texture that can shut out up to 97% of the sun’s destructive beams. Moreover, it includes a 7 feet (1.2m) roof stature, which is adequately tall to oblige pretty much every camper.

This shower tent has a joined changing room with a complete cross-section rooftop and a lattice floor for added security. The actual shower has a wipe cushioned waterproof bottom for added comfort.

At long last, the tent has a removable downpour fly for use while showering in the downpour and two towel racks, stockpiling pockets, as well as a locking entryway. It likewise accompanies its own 5-gallon hand-held sun-based shower, so it’s a genuine across-the-board package.

  • High focal roof stature (7ft/1.2m) and two-room structure
  • Firm texture with UPF 50+ insurance
  • Incorporated steel shaft structure with moment set up
  • No decent hook choices for hanging shower head for free hands showering
  • A bit expensive

6. KingCamp 2-Room Changing Room Shower

KingCamp 2-Room Changing Room Shower
Dimension83.8 x 41.7 x 82.6 inches
Camping Shower Tent

There are many incredible choices out there, yet as I would see it, the title of best shower tent needs to go to the unique KingCamp. This tent has everything; two huge spaces for showering and changing, a simple setup process, and is made out of rugged polyester so it will not tear or rip.

The floor is made out of cross-section with the goal that you will not experience any water pooling. Likewise, it is wholly ventilated, has snares for your garments and towel, and can change over into an evolving room, shower, or versatile latrine as your requirements direct. All these factors make this popup portable shower tent user-friendly.

Finally, the size, adaptability, and simplicity of the Two Room KingCamp Shower setup make this one a victor in our list so far and the best outdoor shower tent available.

  • Two rooms allowing two persons to use simultaneously
  • User friendly
  • A bit heavy as it weighs 13 pounds

7. GigaTent The Stinky Pete Changing Room

GigaTent The Stinky Pete Changing Room
Dimension48 x 48 x 87 inches
ColourGreen Gray
Camping Shower Tent

This flexible item is a spending plan amicable and serves as a shower and restroom. It is self-depleting, so no water pools at the base after the showering, and there is a ventilated roof, so it will not satisfy its name, Stinky Pete, after either a warm shower or a meeting in the restroom.

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Moreover, at four by four feet and 90-crawls of headroom, this tent is not the biggest one available in the market; however, it will do the work. It also accompanies a downpour fly to ensure against harsh climate and keep you relatively dry while doing your activity inside.

Albeit the GigaTent is without a doubt convenient and agreeable enough to set up, a few clients have encountered issues with the fibreglass shafts used to get the tent set up. These poles can be finicky, tear, or lead to different glitches. The sanctuary can likewise be somewhat on the confined side.

  • On account of appropriate ventilation, this tent does not smell.
  • The floor is self-depleting.
  • Poles can be precarious and may every so often break.

8. KingCamp Dressing Changing Room

KingCamp Dressing Changing Room
Dimension85 × 66 × 66 inches
Camping Shower Tent

KingCamp is known for its astounding items, and its Oversize security tent is no exemption. This model is outstandingly open and made out of tough polyester. It is not difficult to introduce and is sensibly versatile. In the event that you are searching for a compact outdoor shower tent that does precisely what it promotes, KingCamp Oversize Pop-Up Portable Tent is the one for you.

Albeit the tent is durable, the material is somewhat transparent in case you are doing your activity around evening time with a light on. It can likewise be a little insecure notwithstanding severe climate. In any case, this popup showering tent is a dependable choice for most campers and will not allow them to down.

  • This item is direct to set up.
  • Made out of solid polyester
  • The material is not totally dark.


Regarding camping, outdoor shower tents are an extravagance that keeps your security hidden while appreciating the outside. Also, it makes it excessively easy to change out of those sloppy climbing garments or ocean salt swimming outfits in a gathering of your loved ones!

Regardless of whether you are searching for something snappy and excellent quality, need something with somewhat more space, or need something overly moderate, our leading three rundowns have precisely what you need in an outdoor shower tent!

If you need to take your outdoors to the next level, you need a versatile outside camping shower tent that will permit you to do your activities and get new for the following day. Not all outdoor shower tents are made equivalent, which is why we set up an exhaustive rundown of the best shower tents, and you can purchase one which you find the best from Amazon.


Q-1: What else can I use a camping shower tent for?

There are numerous events when a helpful compact shower tent could be valuable. Indeed, even without a shower, your shower tent can be utilized as an additional extra room in the event that you have a lot of outdoor stuff to store inside your shower tent. The essential popup activity implies that it is rapidly and handily pitched when required with no problem.

Q-2: What are the things required to set up a portable shower tent?

Q-1: What else can I use a camping shower tent for?
There are numerous events when a helpful compact shower tent could be valuable. Indeed, even without a shower, your shower tent can be utilized as an additional extra room in the event that you have a lot of outdoor stuff to store inside your shower tent. The essential popup activity implies that it is rapidly and handily pitched when required with no problem.

Q-3: How does a camping shower tent reduce the risk of getting an infection?

The outdoor shower tent offers protection and lessens the danger of sharing the local area shower shared by different campers. The public rain can hold bacteria and fungus, mainly on the floors. On the off chance that you are not wearing the shower shoes, you are in danger of getting a disease on the feet every time you use the public shower. However, the outdoor shower tent decreases the threat of illness and gives a unique space for showering and evolving garments.

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