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We’ve been using Logitech’s MX Mechanical Mini for Mac mechanical keyboard since its debut in late September and have now stapled so much text into the compact Mac keyboard that it’s set the stage for a qualified evaluation of the desk mate. We start with the positive observations and traits and then end on a slightly more critical note.

Heavy in weight, easy to type

In short, the Bluetooth keyboard, which comes in the two colors Pale Gray (white) and Space Gray (black), feels very valuable. This is not only due to the weight of the input device, which is surprisingly heavy at 900 grams, but mainly due to the individual keys, which, unlike competing keyboards, have almost no play left and right.

When pressing the buttons, hardly any resistance has to be overcome. While this allows you to fly over the keys, it often means pressing two keys at once. A circumstance that could be related to the large distance of about 4 millimeters that individual keys travel. If the finger does not touch the center here, adjacent keys on the way down can be touched and activated as well. When switching keyboards, there is a transition period to get used to.

High Resolution PNG MX Mechanical Mini For MAC PROFILE Light Gray Tactile 1400

In return, the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac scores with a pleasantly satisfying clatter, begging for tolerant colleagues or a lonely workplace. The gray and white retro colors could not have been chosen much better in our opinion.

Bolt receiver is a must

We have to criticize the Bluetooth connectivity and the not quite native integration in macOS. When using the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac on the iMac, it would occasionally lose connection to the computer that was actually connected and had to reconnect via a roundabout route to the system settings. Waking up from sleep didn’t always work either.

Logitech recommends using a bolt receiver anyway, but it doesn’t come with the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac. We bought the plug, which cost 15 euros, and have been using the keyboard without any problems ever since. The bolt receiver is a must and should be included in the box.

Logi Options+

The integration into the Mac operating system can also be a bit more advanced or just more native. The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac cannot be configured in the system settings, only through the Logi Options+ application. You can choose from several nice effects for the backlight, but it is not possible to disable the Caps Lock button.

Special buttons such as the microphone mute button or the button illumination button are from Logitech and require the installation of the Logi Options+ application in order to be used.

We really like the hardware. Writing is fun. Charging via USB-C is contemporary. We missed the Bolt receiver, we would happily do without the provider software. We are missing an (appropriately labeled) button for the next song. This task is now done by the screenshot key, which can be easily reconfigured using Logi Options+.

product notification

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini for Mac, wireless keyboard with lighting, flat keys, tactile silent keys,… EUR 149.99

product notification

Logitech Bolt USB Receiver EUR 13.73 EUR 15.90

What do you think?

Written by Kim Anderson

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