Top 8 best photo printer for macs – MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air

Top 8 best photo printer for macs – MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air
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Looking for the best photo printer for macs? One of the main reasons why users love the Mac so much is its high-end graphics capability. To make sure that you can transfer photos and graphics created on your computer, the best photo printer for Mac is essential.

Today’s cameras are now so advanced that they can reproduce the quality that was previously only visible when you bring your negatives or films to photo labs.

These are some of the best MAC OS photo printers that can provide high-quality output, are easy to use and have a simple user interface. Let’s take a closer look.

Best photo printer for macs

List of Top Photo Printers For Mac
We selected the following ten as the best photo printers for MAC.

Comperision Table for Top 8 best photo printer for macs

No.ProductProduct nameRatingsPrice
1Epson Expression Photo XP-9604.3
2HP ENVY 5055 Wireless4.2
3Canon Pixma Pro-1004.1
4Epson ET-77003.9
5HP ENVY Photo 78554.1
6Canon TS9020 Wireless3.6
7Epson Workforce WF-1004.2
8HP Envy 7640 Wireless3.7

1- Epson Expression Photo XP-960–Printers compatible with MacBook air

best photo printer for macs

Not only is it a great photo printer for Mac, but it’s a great printer in every way. It is affordable but packed with features. It is one of the few affordable photo printers that can print in large format, i.e. H. In A3 form. Most photo printers in this price range print up to A4 size.

Also, thanks to the 6-ink system, photos are taken in excellent quality instead of conventional 4-colour colours. The advantage of this is distinct. The more pigments your printer has, the better the colour deviation and the gradient detection.

It is also an all-in-one printer. Therefore, it can also scan and copy. To complete the defect package, it also includes a CD / DVD printing tray in case you need to print CD labels.
In terms of connectivity, it is also a complete package. It offers wireless connectivity, Ethernet connection, direct Wi-Fi connection for direct printing via smart devices, SD card slot for playing multimedia cards and USB connection for flash drives

Operating a 6-tank ink system is, of course, more expensive than running a 4-ink system. However, the photos are much better quality than conventional printers. Overall, it’s a perfect machine for us.

2- HP ENVY 5055 – best printer for MacBook pro

HP ENVY 5055 – Cheapest Photo Printer For Mac

If you’re looking for the inexpensive option for a photo printer, nothing comes close to the HP Envy 5055 offers. Note that even if this printer has low initial costs, the actual cost of ink for photo printing is not too economical.

This printer is ideal for occasional printing of photos at home. The quality here may not be comparable to that of other printers, but it is quite suitable for personal use.

Connectivity can be connected to your computer via a USB cable as well as via WLAN. Unlike the Epson Expression Photo XP-960 above, it, unfortunately, offers the supported price of LACKS SD cards, the supported price of front USB drives and the supported price of Apple AirPrint.
Otherwise, this printer can print a maximum of A4 photos. It has a printing speed of 10 pages per minute, with smaller images printing faster.

Ultimately, it is one of the cheapest photo printers on the market. Due to the accessibility factor alone, this is one of the best printable photos for Mac. It may not be as vigorous as the Epson Expression Photo XP-960 described above, but the fact that it costs a fraction of the above makes it extremely lucrative.

3- Canon PIXMA Pro-100 – best printer for college student with mac

Canon PIXMA Pro-100

The Canon PIXMA Pro 100 printer is a printer in its class that uses eight eight ink cartridges instead of the usual four. The result is spectacular colour quality, a range of tones and gradations captured in your printed photos.

Typical printers offer cyan (blue), magenta (reddish), yellow and black inks. This printer provides black, grey, light grey, cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, and yellow.
Additionally, it is equipped with technologies such as Full Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) and Canon Chroma Optimizer, which produce some of the most balanced and detailed photos. It also has Optimal Image Generation Technology (OIG), which automatically uses the best combination of 8 different inks for the printed photo.

The printer prints at a very high DPI of 4800 × 2400. Large format photos with a maximum size larger than A3 or 13 “x 19” can also be printed.
To increase the versatility of this printer, a CD-DVD printing compartment is also integrated. It shouldn’t matter much if you’re just printing photos, but it can come in handy at some point.
In terms of connectivity, it offers wireless connectivity as well as direct printing capabilities via Apple AirPrint. It also has a PictBridge connection which allows you to connect your cameras and camcorders directly.

This printer has certain disadvantages. First, it’s on the expensive side of the spectrum. Only a professional photographer or a true photo-lover would be interested in this product.
Second, printing can also be quite expensive. Eight different inks can produce vivid photos, but reloading can also be costly.

Third, it has an SD card slot or a USB port. Therefore, you cannot print directly from multimedia devices.
Fourth, all-in-one functions are missing, although they are expensive. This is the best photo printers for Mac if you are a photo enthusiast who is worth your money. However, the initial and operational costs may not be suitable for everyone.

4- Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 – best printer for mac Australia

Epson Expression Premium ET-7700

The Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 has the most expensive upfront costs on this list. However, it has one of the cheapest, if not the most competitive, operating costs for a photo printer on the market.
It is a printer with a SuperTank and a continuous ink supply system. The ink tanks can hold enough ink to print 14,000 black pages and 9,000 colour pages. If you are printing smaller photos, this number may be even higher.

Also, refill ink bottles cost a fraction of traditional ink cartridges.
You should note here that the Epson Expression ET series has cheaper models. For example, the ET-2750 is the most affordable in the series and costs almost half of that ET-7700.

However, the cheapest variants are not photo printers. In other words, the quality of their prints does not match the brand. If you want a dedicated photo printer with a super tank, the ET-7700 is the way to go. It has a five-ink system instead of the usual 4.

This printer also has other exciting features. It is an all-in-one printer with scan and copy options. It can print at a reasonably good speed of 10 ppm in colour and 13 ppm in black.

In terms of connectivity, it offers wireless, WiFi-Direct for connection to smartphones and Ethernet.
This printer has two relative disadvantages. The first is the high initial cost. This can break the agreement for most casual users. Second, it’s cumbersome.

This printer is ideal if you have a large volume of photo printing. Print studios will undoubtedly find the SuperTank feature attractive.

If you’re looking for a printer with the lowest cost of ownership, this is one of the best photo printers for Mac.

5- HP ENVY Photo 7855 – best laser printer for mac

HP ENVY Photo 7855

HP Envy Photo 7855 offers incredible photo prints at a reasonable price. It is an all-in-one printer and one of our recommended options.

If a printer has inexpensive upfront costs, it usually has high ink costs. But this is not the case.
Not only does this have an affordable initial price, but its ink costs are also quite low. You can print each photo for about 5 cents.

Also, the all-in-one function of this printing includes not only scanners and copiers, but also the fax function. This makes it ideal for offices.

It should be mentioned that it offers a sheet feed mechanism for scanning with a 35-sheet automatic document feeder. This is very popular for mass scanning jobs.
It also has robust connectivity options. It can connect to a wireless network and also connect directly to your smart devices. It also offers an SD card slot for printing via multimedia cards and a USB port for publication via the flash drive.

The printer prints at a speed of 15 pages per minute (A4). It should be faster than your average photo printer. Smaller photos print even faster. The maximum printable format is A4.
However, it has certain drawbacks. For starters, it has an extraordinary shape. It has unnecessary curves and bulges that could easily have been avoided.

Second, the colour cartridges are combined. Therefore, you cannot replace a single colour. You must replace them all. It is one of the best photo printers for Mac if you are looking for a well-balanced, affordable, high-quality photo machine with great connectivity features.

6- Canon TS9020 Wireless Photo Printer – best printer for MacBook pro

Canon TS9020

Images are now playing a more significant role in technology due to the presence of social media and sharing.

This product is part of the Canon all-in-one office product line. And it’s one of the machines you can use to create professional-quality photo editions. It has several cool features like a 5.0-inch touch screen and a simple user interface. You will also find a document deletion reminder and a self-expanding output bin that makes it easy to use

One of the best advantages of this usage is that you can get excellent image reproduction without being limited to it. It also makes text documents enjoyable and has good inkjet speed. The fax machine, scanner, and copier are supplied as all-in-one printers.

7- Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wireless Mobile Printer – best all-in-one printer for mac

Epson WorkForce WF-100

Epson uses its name to indicate what this product can do and deliver. This printer has a compact design and can provide excellent photo quality every time.

Photography enthusiasts will be delighted with the exceptional graphics and images of this printer, where the colours are precise and vivid.

Similar to Canon above, it can be easily integrated into a network environment that includes both Mac and PC as well as AirPrint devices.

This supports various connections that allow you to enjoy fast printing from your smartphone, tablet and all your favorite wireless gadgets.

The overall operation is fluid, and you will not get any paper jams or her. It’s a big headache, not only because you have to remove the sticky paper, but also waste the ink you use, which can be achieved when printing photos.

The configuration is simple, although it takes time. Most of it is used to prime the ink supply system. This often happens when the ink cartridges are first loaded when air is removed from the tubes and pressurized before the ink is loaded.

8- HP Envy 7640 Color Printer – best printer for college student with mac

HP Envy 7640

With one of the most beautiful external bodies, this curved object is far from the most common box-shaped pressure devices. The resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi is desirable to the eyes to support the appearance. It can be used quickly via the 3.5 colour touch screen.

It is a multifunction printer that can easily print, scan, copy and fax documents. The printing speed is reliable, with 14 ppm in black and nine ppm in colour.

This is caus of HP’s entry into the photo printing industry. It produces a bright and precise reproduction of photos and does not keep you waiting. Regular 4 “x 6” photo printing takes less than half a minute, while an entire page of bond paper takes just over a minute.

This product allows HP users to decide when to replace the ink cartridges. A warning appears at the first sign of running out of ink, but you can continue to use it until you feel that the quality of the output is no longer good enough.

Note that when printing photos, using plain paper and glossy photo paper will significantly affect the result.


If you are a photo enthusiast, a professional photographer or just an occasional home user who wants to make your memories tangible, you need a photo printer.

Here, we have specifically talked about the best photo printers for Mac users who are concerned about compatibility issues. The printers here are not only perfect for Mac, but some also offer Apple Airprint functions.

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