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In addition to our overview of the Black Friday week launch offers, here are a few more links to current and attractive promotions. Many thanks at this point for the relevant information from you.

3 Monate Audible

With Audible direct, the campaign will run for another 6 months at half price, but today Amazon has also raised the bar and again offers the opportunity to use the audiobook service for free for a short time for 3 months. The offer is only valid for new customers, but also for all customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have not had an subscription since June 14, 2022.

Actions at Mediamarkt and Saturnus

Other hardware promotions can also be found at MediaMarkt and Saturn. For example, there is currently the HomePod mini in different colors for 79 euros. Otherwise, you just have to scroll through the lists of offers there, in the two online stores you will find products from the most diverse categories at sometimes more and sometimes less attractive special prices.

Sonos speakers for a promotional price

Sonos is also offering part of the range at a significant discount in its own webshop this year. However, a comparison with the Sonos offers on Cyberport is also recommended here, where, for example, the Sonos One SL is already available for 139 euros.

Vacuum robots from Ecovacs, Roborock and Xiaomi

If you are looking for a good vacuum robot, you will find the one we present here from 399 euros. Roborock has lowered the prices for the Q7 Max+ (509 euros – here’s our review) and the S7 Pro Ultra (959 euros). Xiaomi currently offers the decent entry-level Robot Vacuum 2S for 179 euros.

Brush your teeth with Oclean and Oral-B

We also have two links about electric toothbrushes with an app connection. The Oclean X Pro Elite that we recently presented is currently available for 67 euros. Otherwise, you can also take a look at Oral-B’s Black Friday deals.

If you have any other tips, let us and all other readers know in the comments.

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