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The creators of the Astropad software solution have updated their Astropad Studio iPad application to version 5.2 and now also support the new hover function of the Apple Pencil with the update.

Apple Pencil pointer support

Apple Pencil Hover is a feature of Apple’s new iPad Pro models that allows them to recognize the Apple Pencil before it touches the device’s touchscreen, allowing them to use the stylus for additional gestures, tool selection, or feature previews.

Astropad 5.2 brings Apple Pencil Hover to the calculator. The Astropad application allows the use of the iPad (and the Apple Pencil) as an input device for working on the Mac and thus enables the control of desktop applications. These take advantage of Apple Pencil Hover in several ways.

The new Astropad edition now also supports the use of 3D applications such as Blender and ZBrush.

Move Double tap

New double-tap shortcuts

Also new are the double-tap shortcuts, which allow you to define your own shortcuts in applications such as Photoshop. Here Astropad 5.2 now offers the possibility to define two commands, between which the double tap on the Apple Pencil jumps back and forth. For example, the first double-tap can activate the eraser tool, and the second double-tap can activate the brush tool. Each additional double-tap on the pen will jump back and forth between the two options.

To take advantage of Astropad Studio’s new features, both the iPad application and the companion desktop download for Mac or PC must be updated.

Astropad Studio is a subscription application that can be tried for free for 14 days, but then requires an annual or monthly subscription for EUR 107.99 or EUR 16.99 respectively.

Download from the App Store

Astropad Studio
Astropad Studio
Developer: Astro HQ

Price: Free+

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