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With the Cube T1 Pro, Aqara has launched a revised and more powerful version of its multi-remote control. In addition to supporting additional gestures, the cube is now compatible with Apple Home and Amazon Alexa.

The new cube remote control from Aqara lies well on the table and with its edge length of just over four centimeters and a weight of almost 200 grams, it fits well in the hand. In view of the basic usage options, you have to choose between the so-called action mode and a scene mode. This setting can also be changed at any time via the Aqara app if needed.

Aqara Cube T1 Pro sensors

Lift, shake, turn…

For example, in action mode, the cube reacts when you move or lift it on the table and rotate it 90 or 180 degrees. Scene mode is recommended for Apple users, however, as the Aqara Cube T1 Pro then appears as six different switches in HomeKit in addition to the configuration options associated with the Aqara app. You can then configure them accordingly in the Apple Home app and they will activate as soon as the cube is placed on the table or turned with the corresponding side up. This has worked really well here so far, by the way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally triggering an action because you had the cube in this position for a moment when you rotated it.

Aqara Cube T1 Pro Home Kit

However, in addition to these standard HomeKit functions, the Cube T1 Pro can be used much more flexibly in combination with the Aqara app, in addition to the six cube sides, there are other options such as lifting and holding, rotating or shaking. These additional gestures can then be used to control other Aqara devices in the household directly or as part of scenes, or to control Sonos speakers – Aqara has been fully integrating Sonos’ multi-room speakers into its system for some time now.

Aqara automations offer additional options

Starting music playback by rotating the cube, which was initially just used for testing, is now a regular feature here, and when a call comes in you simply lift the cube to pause playback. The dog is happy when the new Aqara Pet Feeder spits out a treat when the cube is shaken. In any case, the configuration options when using HomeKit and the Aqara app are very flexible.

Aqara App automation

The cube is powered by an integrated CR2450 coin cell that lasts up to two years. The communication between the cube and the hub takes place energy-saving via Zigbee radio. The bottom of the cube can be “pry open” with an embedded metal plate.

Replace Aqara Cube T1 Pro battery

In terms of price, the Aqara Cube is quite reasonable compared to other HomeKit switches. In Germany, the Aqara Cube T1 Pro is available from Amazon for a price of 22.99 euros. As an introductory discount, there is a 10 percent discount at the Amazon checkout until November 24 with the promotional code CBT1PROEU. However, please note that an Aqara hub is required for use.

If you don’t have anything at home yet, we recommend the Aqara Hub M2, which as a gateway can also connect a wide variety of Aqara products such as sensors or switches to HomeKit and, according to the manufacturer, can quickly bridge the connection. gap with the new smart home standard Matter. You can also think about entering the world of Aqara at the moment, as the manufacturer offers many of its products on Amazon with Black Friday discounts.

product notice

Aqara Smart Home Central M2, Smart Home Bridge for alarm system, infrared remote control, home automation, … 54.99 EUR EUR 59.91

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