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If you own an Apple device, you most likely also have an Apple ID and with it an iCloud account, which in the basic version still has an almost ridiculously small 5 GB of online storage.

iCloud account

Online portal renewed

Only that iCloud account, as well as its associated email address, associated calendar, backed up contacts, and created notes can not only be managed from the Mac and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, but are also managed by Apple on iCloud. com offered.

iCloud beta

The online portal gives access to much of the contents of one’s own iCloud account, even if one loses one’s personal devices on vacation and the connection to civilization or one’s iCloud account can only be maintained through an Internet cafe.

Customizable homepage

Now shines in a new design, implementing for all users what was until recently only previewed on the service’s beta portal.

iCloud storage

The new look includes a customizable home page, where the available tiles can be shown or hidden depending on personal preference. Quick access to emails, recently edited iWork documents, reminders or notes can be activated here.

Data recovery possible

In the “Data Recovery” section, Apple offers its iCloud customers the option to restore contacts, files, calendars or bookmarks if an intervention on one of the connected devices has indicated that contact archives or calendar items have been lost here.

Data recovery

In addition, all email addresses generated as part of the Hide iCloud Email Address feature can be viewed and managed on the online portal.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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