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Three new devices, at least a mostly new hardware design, bright colors, really good specs and finally a release candidate for iPadOS 16.1.

iPad Air: Unchanged and yet 90 euros more expensive

With the launch yesterday of the 6th-generation iPad Pro 12.9″, the 4th-generation iPad Pro 11″ and the regular 10th-generation iPad, there was little time to get to grips with the new pricing for Apple’s tablets or compare them to previous generations. of the newly presented models.

The price increases that Apple passed more or less casually yesterday afternoon should not go unmentioned at this point. Let’s start with the iPad Air, which was not even touched yesterday.

iPad Air – 90 euros more expensive

With the iPad Air, Apple only increased the price. Now a minimum of 769 euros is owed. Until yesterday, the 5th generation iPad Air was still available at a starting price of 679 euros.

iPad – 200 euros more expensive

The new 10th generation iPad is now available for a starting price of 579 euros. In comparison: the 9th generation was no less than 200 euros cheaper and was offered from 379 euros last year. This also changed yesterday. Apple has left the 9th generation iPad in its range, but now charges 429 euros for it – that is 50 euros more.

iPad 9

iPad Pro 12.9″ – 250 euros more expensive

The Wi-Fi version of the 6th generation iPad Pro 12.9″, as the model without LTE connectivity and SIM card, is offered from 1,449 euros. That is 250 euros more than the 1,199 euros that Apple asked for the 5th generation iPad Pro 12.9″.

iPad Pro 12

iPad Pro 11″ – 170 euros more expensive

The iPad Pro with an 11-inch screen is only in the 4th generation, as Apple initially offered the small Pro tablet in 9.7 and 10.5 inches sizes. As of now, the latest model of the small Pro tablet costs 1,049 euros. That is 170 euros more than the 879 euros for which the predecessor was sold.

iPad Pro 11

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