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Apple is now showing the first concrete efforts to expand the offering of its Apple TV+ video service using purchased content. In addition to the standard Apple TV+ program, American users of the offer are also offered films that are partly older and do not come from Apple’s portfolio.

In this regard, TechRadar magazine lists, among others, the film series “The Hunger Games” known in Germany under the title “The Hunger Games” and the title “Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. These and other somewhat older titles are apparently offered to Apple TV+ users when they view the content pages for current Apple productions such as “Spirited” or “Mythic Quest”.

In total, about twenty additional content not produced by Apple itself would be available via Apple TV+. .

The very limited scope of third-party titles on Apple TV+ suggests that this is still a beta test of sorts right now. It remains to be seen if and when Apple will actually add a respectable back catalog to its subscription offerings, as is standard with competing carriers.

It is also still in the stars when German users of Apple TV+ can expect something like this. So far, the expansion can only be seen in the US.

Launch of Echo 3 Series on Apple TV+

Incidentally, Apple TV + has already taken advantage of Wednesday to launch Echo 3, the latest thriller series from Apple production. The series is about a scientist who disappears in the border area between Colombia and Venezuela, wanted by her brother and husband in the midst of the guerrilla war raging there. The early release may have something to do with the long Thanksgiving weekend in the US.

Apple TV+ in the US with Mini-Back catalog

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