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We only recently discovered the discrepancy between Apple’s self-image of offering excellent products at above-average prices and the fact that the premium product iPhone can now only be purchased with ads.

While Amazon sells its tablets and e-readers with or without advertising, with the advertising variants even offering the option of deactivating the ads afterwards for a one-time payment, the first Apple devices are now only available with advertising.

For services, insurance and apps

Aside from the fact that Apple has long integrated full-screen advertising for services such as Apple Music, Apple Fitness, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+ as well as AppleCare+ insurance into its operating systems, the App Store has long showcased unavoidable advertising for mobile applications.

If you’re looking for the train, the first search is an ad for FlixBus. Anyone looking for Office is greeted by the OfficeSuite.

Apps ads

Developers should promote their own apps

Ads heavily criticized by developers operating in the App Store. By placing the competition above organic search results, Apple would force individual developers to place ads for their own apps themselves so as not to lose searchers to the competition.

Competing advertisers disabled

In addition, users are accusing the group of not being really serious about the tracking restrictions introduced by iOS 14.5. Not wanting to protect users, Apple no longer wanted to share the App Store ad business with Google, Facebook and Co.

This also seems to point to Apple’s announcement that it plans to further expand the number of ad spaces in the App Store. A plan that now also has a concrete date: from tomorrow, Tuesday, additional advertisements will be placed in Apple’s software department. Then the ads will not only appear in the search results and in the “Featured” area, but also on individual product pages and in the “Today” area of ​​the app store.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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