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Swiss accessory supplier LMP is promoting its DigiPen as a new and inexpensive alternative to the Apple Pencil, which is compatible with all iPad models. At first glance, the drawing pen looks a lot like Apple’s original, but costs only about half the price. The mail order company Galaxus offers the LMP DigiPen for 51 euros.

In combination with the internal Apple Pencil alternative, LMP promises a highly accurate and tilt-sensitive tip that can be used to draw thin or thick lines with pixel accuracy, the thickness of which can be changed by tilting the pen.

Lmp Digipen

As with the original, the tip of the LMP DigiPen can also be exchanged. Two replacement nibs are included with the pen. The LMP iPad Drawing Pen attaches magnetically to the side of the iPad for storage.

In terms of battery performance, LMP promises the ability to use the DigiPen continuously for up to eight hours. The pen can be fully charged via USB-C in just 90 minutes. To maximize battery life, the accessory will automatically go into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity. The connection to the iPad is always automatic as soon as the tablet is turned on.

As a special option, LMP offers the possibility of engraving, similar to Apple with the Apple Pencil. However, this offer is specifically aimed at educational and business customers, so an individual engraving is possible from an order quantity of 50 pieces directly from the manufacturer at no extra cost.

Another alternative besides the Logitech Crayon

If you want the original from Apple, you usually have to invest at least double the purchase price of the LMP DigiPen. The first generation Apple Pencil is available for around 100 euros, for the newer model you even have to pay around 30 euros more.

Another alternative that takes some getting used to is the Logitech Crayon, which was recently introduced in a new USB-C version.

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