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At 149 euros, Apple calls a proud price for the Apple Pencil 2. And even though the drawing pen for the iPad is now four years old, Apple won’t make it any cheaper. On the contrary, Apple has even increased the price for the accessories from initially 135 euros to 149 euros now.

The Apple Pencil 2 is currently available from Amazon and Galaxus for a lot cheaper than from Apple itself. The two senders are currently offering Apple’s drawing pen for a special price of 129.95 euros. Before you strike, we’d like to briefly remind you of Apple’s Black Friday campaign announced for Friday. The bottom line is that you can travel cheaper here if you start something with the 25 euro voucher card that Apple offers when purchasing the drawing pen.

However, you still have to be careful when buying the Apple Pencil, because the second generation of the drawing pen can only be used with some of the iPads that Apple offers. For example, if you have the new tenth-generation iPad, you’ll have to reach for the Apple Pencil 1, which has been available in the same fashion for seven years now and was once on the market for 109 euros and for which Apple currently charges a whopping 119 euros.

Beats headphones up to 50% cheaper

Apple’s Black Friday price list is also something to keep in mind if you see Apple products or Beats on sale elsewhere this week. In many cases, Apple can’t compete here, but a quick price comparison certainly doesn’t hurt.


You can currently get Beats headphones as part of Apple’s campaign at Amazon for 50 percent off, and Apple’s Christmas vouchers can’t even come close. The Beats Studio3 with noise canceling are available in different colors for 199 instead of 399 euros and on Powerbeats and other in-ears from Apple’s subsidiary there is a discount of up to 42 euros.

In addition, Amazon is offering several iPhone cases and older Apple Watch models at discounted prices as part of its Black Friday campaign.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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